NTNA 2015 - Challenge 1 - "Pure Diva"


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I chose the talented Lady Gaga as my favorite diva for many reasons. This amazing powergirl diva has affected a whole world when it comes to fashion, music and even dance. As a former professional dancer and choreographer, I’ve been doing choreos to probably every song she’s ever written and I know every lyric and beat there is from Lady Gaga.

Another reason I chose her is because she has a special connection to Sweden. Her first single and album were produced by a swede called Red One and she also worked with another swede called Jonas Åkerlund who produced her video to Paparazzi and she even speaks Swedish in that video! She been here a lot and I even happened to be backstage when she was here doing her first concert. One of the strongest memories I have from that time was her totally absolutely fantastic bubble costume and her silver dress, which I wanted to include in the set of nails.

Doing nails for her would absolutely be a dream coming true, especially if it was for a show or a video. This set is my vision of her and every nail brings back a lot of happy memories from my dance career. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did creating them!

Don't forget to watch the video tutorial on how I created them! :)

And don't forget to vote starting Sept 8th through Sept 10th at http://www.nailsmag.com/nexttopnailartist/2015/challenges/week-1-dashing-diva

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