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Posted on October 16, 2013
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leximartone - Commented 5 years ago
When we were asking to reinvent the french, I wanted to REALLY reinvent the french. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not the biggest fan. With all the amazing nail art possibilities out there why would you want something that everyone has done a million times over? Granted there are some who unfortunately can't sport sparkling, glammed up, over the top digits to work, so that's where my reinvented french comes in. Its just enough nail art to be exciting and different but not enough to make your hands the center of attraction. I incorporated black to give the design more of an edge than a classic french manicure. I went off of the sheer and opaque concept but did it in a different way. I used a translucent black as my base, solid black for the tip, and a stark white for the top portion of the nail. The contrast of the colors give a graphic and modern look that can easily be worn while typing away in the office, or dressed up with some bling for a night out. Plus, who doesn't love black and white, they go with everything! These are the "new french" for the modern woman.

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