Purple Holographic Swirls


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Posted on February 28, 2011
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***New account*** Formally known under the username "AmandaJean83"

To get this look I used a dark purple nail polish as a bottom coat then applied "Tanzanite Fire" foil and sealed with clear nail polish. Picture doesnt do it justice, they have a beautiful holographic look when in sunlight or other bright light.
Mixed Media     Abstract     purple     holographic     foil     swirls

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ManicMandy - Commented 8 years ago
***How To***
I was asked how I created the foiled nails without the crackling effect after applying the top coat (a very common problem with nail foil). So here is step-by-step exactly what I did. I don’t really know why it works but I think it has to do with the last few steps and the drying process. Here are the steps:

1) Apply basecoat.
2) Apply fingernail polish.
3) Apply topcoat.
4) Let these coats dry completely (I let them dry overnight).
5) Apply foil adhesive to all 5 nails on one hand.
6) Use a blow dryer, or fan, to dry adhesive until it becomes totally clear and almost dry.
7) Rub on foil.
8) Repeat on other hand.
9) Apply first coat of clear nail polish (not quick drying polish though) to one nail at a time using the least amount of strokes as possible. The more you brush, the more it will crackle so I actually get a lot of the polish on the tip of the brush and let it drop onto the fingernail and then lightly and quickly spread it out.
10) After applying the clear coat to each nail, immediately put the nail under a dryer (I used my blowdryer) until nail polish dries. I think this “rapid drying” makes it so the adhesive, foil and polish don’t have time to interact which is part of what causes the crackling.
11) Apply a second coat using the same process as mentioned above. After this you may want to add a clear top coat every other day or so to protect the nails and make them last longer. By the third coat you can use the fast drying polish because the adhesive and foil are already sealed and protected by the previous coats.
12) Enjoy your beautiful foiled nails!

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