ntnails' Salon

Nail Technology NT

Sveagatan 16





11.00 - 20.00

specialize in pink-and-whites, gels, colored acrylics, nail art

Serious supplier: We at Nail Technology takes our responsibility as a provider very seriously and the customer is our first priority. We are a member of SEYF (Swedish aesthetic professional association), MPA (All our cosmetic products are registered), Chemicals Inspectorate (All of our chemicals are registered), poison (As security for all who come into contact with our products), REPA (Recycling) and Swedish glass recycling. All our products are backed sheets. Read more about Sales Law, Consumer, Distance Contracts subtab conditions of sale.

Nail Technology's own brand: The products are carefully selected by NT's founder for the launch of our own brand and the opening of the salon, Nail Technology. We offer low prices, because we do not have any middlemen. To keep prices low, we use not expensive packaging or wrapping to keep as low a price as possible. We at NT think it's important to have good knowledge and experience everything we have to offer our customers, therefore we use ourselves everything we offer. That way we can help to resolve any problems, answer questions and offer only what we think is the best of the best. All products and tools are in use daily in the salon Nail Technology in Borlänge, so do not hesitate with questions. We are on the constant lookout for the best and newest in the industry, in Sweden and in the rest of the world.

The story behind the nail sculpture: Only at the end of the 70 - century the concept of nail sculpture in Europe but in the U.S., the concept of nail sculpture more widespread and existed for a long time since the late 60's, even in Asia's history is nail sculpture a familiar concept. In China during the Ming Dynasty 1268-1644 showed nobles their status by having enhanced nails with silk, rice or porcelain powder. Already during this time decorated the Chinese nobles nails with gold and precious stones, in other parts of Asia, it was also popular among dancers and harem ladies with nail strengthening and decorations. So much of the design and the technology we use is inspired from the other continents as such. Three dimensional design and our special technique of applying acrylic. We can maintain low prices because we do not have any middlemen, because we are importer / manufacturer.

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