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Posted on June 13, 2016
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For this pre challenge we were asked to think outside the box and create a piece of art titled Creative Play by CND.

Almost immediately, my mind wandered to Mother Nature as this is one of my inspirational grounds. When I am asked to be creative, I always think of natures creativity. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the world of nature, with its extraordinary combination of colours, textures and forms, so for me this challenge is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the beauty of nature which can be often overlooked by our busy lifestyles.

With this art work, I wanted to take my audience on a journey with Mother Nature to surrealism, taking them to a place of peace and serenity.

As you can see, I painted a silhouette of Mother Nature at sleep as this closely relates to me and probably some of the audience. When our eyes close, our imaginations ignite, and our mind wanders to many places with no rules or boundaries. That, to me is the essence of creativity.

We need to have the courage to let our imagination go on an adventures without any fear or apprehension, therefore I also added a surrealism side Mother Nature where she is surrounded with leafs, flowers, butterflies, waves together with the transition of different seasons.

Creativity is the eyes of beholder, and I want to take the time to applaud all the contestants for taking this massive step onto the world of nails, channeling our inner creativity.

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TraceyLeeNails - Commented 7 years ago
Shes gorgeous Jonny!
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Ivystar - Commented 7 years ago
love this, beautiful
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Deannawhite - Commented 7 years ago
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AmberDidItPRO - Commented 7 years ago
Beautiful work!
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Godardennis - Commented 7 years ago
Very talented nail artist I have ever seen!! Good job Jonny!!! And wish you all the very best :)

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