naildiamond's Salon


Frimurarevägen 7B


Nail Art miniatures real diamonds

Raino began his art in San Francisco in 1983 at a Nail Salon on the 34th of the street / Castro. At that time, he made himself known as a miniature painter of exquisite detail with nails as a basis. Soon he had a table in the salon in luxury hotels in Acapulco, Mexico, among Broadway performers and celebrities.

Raino launched nailart in Sweden via the TV show Living Life with Eva Attling and Maria Pia Boethius and thus in 29 fashion magazines worldwide.

Today Raino developed a method for securely mounting GENUINE diamonds in the nails. The method is Rainos own and developed with knowledge of materials, durability and light. The stones mounted much like real jewelry. Raino is also certified nail technologist.

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