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Posted on June 24, 2015
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Eclectic~Bohemian~Soul sums me up best! I am very eclectic and I have Bohemian Soul.
Nothing stirs me more then a constant exploration of ones mind, body and soul. Staying positive and overall wellness is a way of life for me, but this wasn't always the case. Through my journeys on this earth I have learned to to let go of the stuff you can't control, keep a grateful heart, and to free your soul of anything keeping you from experiencing your own personal bliss.
Opening myself up to these concepts, along with activities such as yoga, hooping, and meditation have helped me come into the woman I am today. I walk in confidence with my Bohemian style and my eclectic ways. I am so grateful for the opportunity to present you with a full set of nails to help portray these concepts.
With the task at hand and my first word of my tag being Eclectic, I took a multimedia approach with this set of nails. My tagline has such a wide range of personality and style it was so easy to come up with all of my favorite things. Creating these looks brought me great pleasure as they are all very personal to me. I thank you again and I hope you enjoy.


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