robinmoses' Salon

las vegas and oregon

24/7 7 days a week.

i specialize in teaching nail art online. i want to teach the next generation of nail artists so that i can go on to pursue my art on canvas. someday soon i want to have my art in galleries all over the world.

hello! i am robin moses and i teach nail art. I am a professional nail tech for 25 years in las vegas and oregon. my nail art tutorials can be found on youtube. you can go to and be taken to them or if you would rather, my youtube channel name is robinmosesnailart. dream is to have my canvas paintings shown all over the world. i havent been many places and i would love for my teaching to allow me to see places i have only dreamed of. i would love to teach nail art all over the world as i travel with my canvas art. 

i hope you subscribe to my youtube channel and share my name so i can reach my goal! i will continue to make videos!!

please view my PLAYLISTS on youtube and my frequently asked questions on the front page of my youtube. there are 100's of designs in each playlist and you will find ANY design you can think of once you get to my youtube account. (knowing the PLAYLISTS) is very important!

p.s. i know not every design is for everyone...but i want to have something for everyone to i try and paint something for every person.


much love and respect,


here are official links to everywhere i am.


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