NTNA Challenge 6- French with a Twist!


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Posted on October 16, 2013
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For this week's challenge, the contestants were asked to create a french manicure with a twist! So here it is! Tune into www.ntna.nailsmag.com for more!!

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TheRawrShop - Commented 10 years ago
Imagine having to go to a function after work-- you don’t want your nails to look over the top during the day, but you also packed your little black dress and want your nails to look nothing but fierce at the party! For this challenge, I wanted to create a design suitable for the modern day 9-5’er, who strives for a definitive style without making too loud of a statement. I began by using a sophisticated nude color in gel polish and pressed glitter to create an upside down French manicure to give it that extra “twist”. The glitter I chose for this design undertakes a rainbow effect when it catches the light just right, as well as a modest shine under normal daylight. To complete the design, I added some simple paisley-esque print and rhinestones to accent a few fingers. To me, this design is out of the norm, yet it maintains that clean and classy feel a French manicure often gives. I hope you like this manicure as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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