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Posted on September 24, 2013
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buddysimsnails - Commented 7 years ago
I was so excited when I received this challenge!   I am an Omaha native and I love living here!  Much like Gel II, I have great pride in my home and it's wonderful knowing they are my neighbor to the south! 
          In my design, I started with images of eastern Nebraska on the right, and western Nebraska on the left; as Lewis and Clark would find it today.  Though much has changed since their initial venture,  the west still shows many signs of the past, like Chimney Rock.  Downtown Omaha, to the "East", showcases architecture like the First National Tower,  Woodman of the World,  and the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge, all nestled on the Missouri River.  If you look closely,  the Omaha logo and the year of Omaha's establishment in 1854 can be found in downtown Omaha.  Moving west, there is a sign for Rosenblatt Stadium (the Original host of the College World Series) next to the World Famous Henry Doorly Zoo.  The Desert Dome of the Nations best Zoo is proudly displayed in the sunset.  The Union Pacific train takes you from it's headquarters in Omaha to the Capitol,  Lincoln.   The Capitol building itself stands tall in the sky with the seed sewer atop it.  To represent the agricultural areas and to punctuate their importance,  micro fields encompass the Capitol, flowing onto the next nail like the rolling fields of Nebraska.   Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is Nebraska's pride and joy, Memorial Stadium.  In the heart of Husker Nation, I have recreated the "Red Sea", stadium,  and famous balloon release.  Each detail was hand painted with acrylic paints, including the sky fading.
         There are many wonderful things in Nebraska, and I wish I could incorporate them all, but my hope is this design shows the beauty and opportunities Nebraska has to offer!

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