Help / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How do I upload my profile photo?

You can upload your profile photo on the “Profile Photo” page under “My Account”.  Click on the “BROWSE PHOTOS” button, then look for a photo on your computer that you’d like to use as a profile photo. Follow the instructions on the page to create your profile photo.


2. Can I upload multiple photos at the same time?

Currently, you can only upload one photo at a time. This was done so that you can carefully write the titles and description for your photo when you upload. 

But we do understand the convenience and efficiency of the multiple photo uploads feature and it is being planned for development. We’re hoping to make that available to our users in the near future.


3. How do I browse through another artist’s photos?

You can browse through other artists’ photos multiple ways: Most Recent, Most Popular, and Most Active. Look through the list and click on the artist you’re interested in.

You can always also use the search feature — located on top right of each page — to look for other artists.


4. My photo(s) won’t upload. What am I doing wrong?

Two things to check:
a. Is your photo in JPG format? It’s the most common format that is used by digital cameras, and we accept only JPG photos.
b. Does your photo meet our minimum size requirements? The minimum width is 500 px for horizontal images and the minimum height is 300 px for vertical images.

Also, if you have a slow Internet connection such as via dial-up, there’s a chance your upload will just time-out while uploading. You will need to either resize your photo to below 200 KB, or install a faster Internet connection such as DSL or cable modem.

Lastly, if your image is not directly from your digital camera, there’s a chance your image may not be in RGB format. Use a tool like Adobe Photoshop or free online tool like to correct this and try re-uploading.


5. How many photos can I upload?



6. Why don’t you want me to put a watermark on my images?

First, it’s not as appealing to the viewers when a photo is obstructed by a watermark or by any writing.

We periodically pick great nail art to feature on our homepage and elsewhere, and the ones with watermarks will automatically be disqualified for consideration.

If you’re worried about others stealing your work, worry no more! The Nail Art Gallery can serve as the official site for all the original nail art so you can always identify the real owner of the art.


7. There are rude comments on one of my pictures, what should I do?

We understand that not everyone is as nice as you’d like them to be. We created a “Report as Offensive” button just for that. If a comment is reported five times, it will automatically be collapsed and must be clicked on to be viewed. It will also be reported to the NAILS team for review. If we find that a same member is constantly abusing the comments feature by making rude or inappropriate comments, the member will be blocked from Nail Art Gallery.


8. What is My Dashboard?

My Dashboard is just like your own personal homepage on Facebook. It is your “my” homepage and has a quick view of updates from the members you’re a fan of and the activities on your photos.


9. How do I send a message to another member?

You can send a message to other member in two ways.
a. On your dashboard page, you should see a “Messages” button next to your username. Click on that and compose a message just like you’d write an e-mail.
b. Visit the nail artist’s page. Next to the member’s username, you’ll see a “Send a Message” button. Click on that to send a message.


10. How do I change my username?

You cannot change your username once it has been created.  This is to protect our members and to prevent any confusion.  If you made a mistake when signing up, please deactivate your current account and sign up again using a different username.




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